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Acupuncture and Asian Medicine: Overview
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According to Eastern philosophy, an imbalance of energy or blood flow will lead to disease in the body. Acupuncture needles placed along specific points can improve vitality, blood circulation, and restore the natural balance of the body.
Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine (AAM) is not a fad. It is not any one person’s theory either. The history of Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine spans 3,500 years of clinical rigors and results which gives us more assurances than even the FDA can provide. You can be positive that nobody is going to discover some unknown or surprising adverse effects in future years.
Prior to the ancient Greeks and Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine (WM), Western Medicine and Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine shared much in common. However, from that time onward Western Medicine focused on understanding the human body’s symptoms and organs as stand-alone, individual mechanical functions. This is known as allopathic medicine. At the same time, Asian Alternative Medicine focused to understand the human body as a whole. This is known as holistic medicine.
Asian Alternative Medicine is unique as it is the only form of medicine to recognize “qi.” Qi is an electromagnetic current that flows parallel to our blood vessel and nerves. Blood circulation, nerve conduction and qi are interdependent. Improving any one of these conditions improves the other conditions. By recognizing qi as integral to diagnosis and treatment, Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine can achieve results that are not possible with other forms of medicine.
Circulation, nerve conduction and qi flow can be improved through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, or physical medicine. There are instances where one modality may be effective in achieving advantageous health condition; in other cases, two or all three modalities can be effectively used at the same time to achieve peak health condition.
Although Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine is effective in achieving peak health condition, it is not fair to say that it is superior to Western Medicine. For instance, Western Medicine can replace a knee, whereas Asian Alternative Medicine can extend the usefulness of an original knee. Western Medicine can boast about organ transplants. Asian Alternative Medicine can reverse the effects of the common cold. Western Medicine’s antibiotics can quickly fight infections in a short period of time. Asian Alternative Medicine can offer drug-free relief from pain, restore fertility, and treat many other illnesses. It is better to say that Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine can be either an alternative to Western Medicine or a compliment to Western Medicine. The comparisons are endless. One can see that true integration of Asian Alternative Medicine and Western Medicine is the optimal solution. Although Asian Alternative Medicine and Western Medicine have already been integrated into the national healthcare systems of Australia, Europe, and Asia, we are fortunate to see this process happening here in the South Bay and throughout the United States where both forms of medicine are practiced according to some of the highest standards in the world. Truly, we are experiencing an unprecedented breakthrough in healthcare.
Dr. Oh is trained in Acupuncture and Asian Alternative Medicine in California and in South Korea. He advises on nutrition and makes referrals to other physicians. He can explain the nature of your disease through the eyes of both Western Medicine and Asian Medicine. Whether you suffer from a serious disease or a simple head ache, he can help. Dr. Oh will provide the most comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment, and healing of your health issues.

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