I enjoy the process of assisting my patients on the road to healing. In my practice I use many clinically proven
                 therapies such as Acupuncture and herbs (Chinese), Homeopathy and also modern therapies such as ElectroMagnetic,
                 Acu – Touch,etc. Depending on your condition, I may use one therapy or a combination of therapies to augment the
                 effectiveness. For the patient, the bottom line is to experience health improvement. I treat every person with honesty,
                 integrity and caring and my joy is to see my patients with smiles of appreciation.

                 My specialty is defining and caring based on their body type because they have own treatment plan by body type.
                 Even they have different food list to eat. When defined body type, treatment procedure is simple and your body is
                 under control for any pains and out of balance of your body. For example, hemorrhoid is one of the easiest diseases
                 to treat. I don’t need to see an anal to acupuncture because acupuncture points is on your arms and legs to treat it.
                 The acupuncture points on hands and legs can control body function system. 5~10 visits is good enough after body
                 type defined. In special Dong Yee Wave Medicine is excellent for Cancer Pain. If you don’t like to get Acupuncture,
                 you will get some herbs on skin where is on acupuncture points

                                         Post Graduate
● 8 Bodytype Acupuncture
    Ko, JaeWon, L.Ac.
● Sasang Asian Herbs
   Ko, JaeWon, L.Ac.
● Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation
   Jin, SengHee, Ph.D., L.Ac.
● Electro-Acupuncture Weight Loss
   Jin, SengHee, Ph.D., L.Ac.
● r-Water Wave Diagnosis
   Roh, TaeSung – S. Korea
● Dong Yee Wave Medicine
   Roh, TaeSung – S. Korea
(Specialty - Cancer Pain)
● Trigger Point Acupuncture
   Lee, JungGun, L.Ac.
(Dry Needle Technique)
● Saam Acupuncture
   Kim, HyungKwan – S.Korea
● Kuk Acupuncture – Eye Diseases
   Kim, HyubgKwan – S. Korea
● Dong’s Acupuncture
   Kim, DongShik – S. Korea
● Q Therapy : Fascia-Meridian Release
   Lee, SangDuk, D.D.S., F.A.P.D., F.A.F.P.
● Acu – Touch : Needleless Acupuncture
   Kichul Oh, L.Ac.
● Brewed Herbal Medicine
       Other Acupuncture & Herbal Style
       ● Auricular Acupuncture
       ● Five-Element Acupuncture
       ● Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
       ● Traditional Chinese Herbs
       ● Treatment Techniques:
           - Cupping
           - Gua Sha
           - Moxibustion
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